Kelly Ainslie and Denise Davies started their partnership in supporting, teaching, and mentoring professionals on a strength-based, solution-building approach over 10 years ago. They evolved the Solution Talk workshops to honour grassroots thinking, while incorporating updated perspectives and views of the Solution-Focused Brief Therapy Community. While they are both teachers, writers, and mentors, their training remains fresh and dynamic from their own private practices as strength-based, solution-focused counsellors, consultants, and personal coaches.

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Denise Davies - MC, BSW, RSW

Denise For over 15 years, Denise Davies has helped make solution-based principles a reality in practice and organizations. Her academic and organizational experiences include:
  • Master in Counselling Psychology / Bachelor of Social Work / Registered Social Worker
  • Her graduate work was concentrated on solution-focused strategies and practice
  • 15 years of practical solution-focused work in many areas including: Child protection, domestic violence, high conflict, parenting, and mental health
  • Counsellor, assessor, trainer, and mentor
  • Teaching, mentoring, and creating an atmosphere of teamwork and positive morale
  • Engaged in private practice as a consultant, clinician, personal coach, and assessor.
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Kelly Ainslie - MC, BSW, RSW


Kelly Ainslie has over 20 years of experience learning and practising the solution-focused approach. Her academic and industry experience includes:

  • Master in Counselling Psychology / Bachelor of Social Work / Registered Social Worker
  • Her final graduate work focused on effective solution-focused tools for professionals working with conduct-disorder children
  • 20 years of practical solution-focused training and experience with couples, families, children, and youth as a front-line staff, supervisor, and clinician
  • Counsellor, assessor, college instructor, and personal coaching supports
  • Educator, writer, speaker, and business consultant on solution-focused principles and techniques
  • Team building and brief, solution-focused mentorship
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Associate Trainer

Lisa McManus


Lisa McManus has worked within the field of Social Work for over 10 years. Her academic and professional experiences include:

  • Bachelors of Social Work / Registered Social Worker / Diploma in Criminology
  • 10 years of practical experience with child protection, applying solution-focused principles and techniques in her work with families, children, and youth
  • Assessor and educator for foster care applicants
  • Trainer, mentor, and group facilitator
  • Corporate management – client relations; team building; training facilitation

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