Participants' Reviews

"It was a great learning experience. Understanding where the approach comes from makes it much more rich, as well as the practical examples provided during the training. Also, the idea of focusing on what works instead of what doesn't opened a new way of seeing counselling as well as opening a new perspective of my own.  In addition,  I believe that the instructors are passionate about what they do, which created a much rich experience.  I would definitely take more trainings with Solution Talk - especially with Kelly and Denise.”
   Priscilla Coleff, Counsellor, British Columbia

"As a teacher, I have been to different types of professional development sessions and there have only been a handful that have left me inspired to enact immediate change.  The Solution Talk session was everything I want this type of session to be; engaging, interactive, informative and immediately usable in my classroom or office.  I felt at ease from the very beginning and the environment was such that I was comfortable to share with the group.  I use the strategies every day and I plan on learning more about this approach as I think it empowers people in dealing with their issues. Again, I can't thank you enough for offering the session. I truly enjoyed it and I hope to take Level 2 in the future."
   Miguel Deschenes, Teacher/Counsellor, St. Thomas Aquinas Middle School

"In 27 years of teaching, this was one of the most useful workshops I have attended."
    Barry Bratte, Teacher, Alberta

"This approach has made a big difference in our school."
    Del Bouch, B.R.E., B.Ed., M.Ed., Principal, Edmonton Public Schools

"The Solution-Focused Strategies for Nurses was the best workshop I ever attended."
    Patricia Barry, Registered Nurse, British Columbia

"I got more out of this session than I did in the last 3 days of the conference."
    Janice Holly, Msc., RD, Education Leader and Internship Coordinator, Women's College Health Sciences Centre

"Her handouts are a gift to walk away with."
    Donna Teed, School Counsellor, Winnipeg, MB

"The workshop more than surpassed my expectations."
    Angela Stern, School Counsellor, Saskatoon Catholic School Board

"In this age and time, with high expectations and limited resources, we, as counsellors, are driven to find immediate results in a short, cost-effective method.  Solution-focused therapy has just given me that method."
    Victor Nowoselski, Addictions Counsellor, Victoria, BC

"The humor, the positive energy of the instructor, the rapport, sharing with other professionals, the opportunity to learn new skills.  It feels like I gave myself a gift."
    Leslie Kepron, Student Counsellor, Teacher, Consultant, University of Winnipeg

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